Say Something

Uh, so it's been quite a tough week with netball trainings&matches + band practies till late + multiples gigs. I think I'm falling sick. Exhausted to the max but let's just let this week casually slide into CNY, shall we? Meanwhile, here's the MV Cepheus did for us. LOL, yes, I understand that it unfortunately depicts a tint of lesbian love, but still, kudos to the awesome Ceph for his art direction. Also, many many thanks for Kang Tai for coming along for the shoot :) LOL Tia and I were so shy to upload the video. We fell into fits of giggles while shooting 'cuz we're so so lousy at pretentiously acting emo. It took Ceph some encouragement before we plucked up the courage to share the link but tadah ok, here you go. Say Something. #camerashy #cameraawkward

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