Hall 13 whoosh!

Photos by Matthew Ho
I won't go into the itty bitty details on what went down during the first quarter of our first game of our second season together, but basically my poor Tia is on crutches now :'( Our morale plummeted to basement 1 the moment she landed on the floor in pain. Take care kay, T. Come back soon. I miss shooting with you :'( 
I swore to myself that I was possibly a v. sucky capt in sec school and I'll never put any team of mine through that much suffering again (lol). But I'm so thankful for Tia's faith in me and also the rest of the girls for showing up on Wed for training. They were so supportive :') Sorry I get v. emotional. Let's make this one 1 Times Good One OK?! Whooshwhoosh.

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