Adventures of Tia & Amanda

Decided to start with Bangkok first, since it's still pretty fresh in my mind. & also there were lesser photos to post lol. Hope the first day of Sem 2 has been treating you well~ I'm off on mons & weds heehee.

1. Tia's adorable obsession for Harem Pants that only cost 200 Baht (about $8.00 sing) // 2. Manicure @ MBK // 3. Cool random graffiti place near Siam // 4. A&W, hoosha. // 5. Fav $10 stripey dress that's freaking comfortable, mind you. // 6. Leaving the hotel :'(
We were quite proud of ourselves because we successfully self-navigated our way from Pratunam to MBK. Of course, this included tons of asking dodgy security guards for directions - one of whom was hitting on a shopkeeper (sorry dude). Speaking of dodgy, we got stalked by a creepy old man who was playing with his crotch on the first day for a good 10 minutes. But that's another story for another time.

Apart from the given shopping activities in BKK, we also jammed, returned to the hotel no later than 6.30pm, shopped in the 7/11 downstairs and starved the night because we didn't have food in the fridge. Ohoh, on our first morning, we woke up at 4.20am because I wanted to be a kiasu auntie @ the Pratunam Morning Market. We had to walk through a few dodgy alleys (where we possibly could've gotten abducted) to get there and when I wanted to pick up the pace, Tia said, "We can't run, Amanda. They can smell fear." I'm sorry that I dragged you out from your slumber. 
We lodged at the gorgeous boutique Lemontea Hotel (they pronounce it as Leh-mong-teh hotel - cutest thing ever) for $70++ per night including breakfast. It's a few blocks down from the Period Pratunam where I stayed previously. I actually preferred Lemontea because it's newer and more spacious. The interior design is fantabulous too. It's in the one and only Pratunam area on Soi 15 (Soi sip ha). So proud of ourselves for figuring how to say 15 in thai to taxi drivers.

Tried to sneak a Selfie with the clueless Missy Tia. 
Then she ever so swiftly turned around. So I had to Selfie with her too. hahaha. 
//End of story//
Riding at the back of our Tuktuk. Tuktuk does illegal U-turn.

Photo 1: 
Amanda: ERMERGAWD we're gonna dieeeee
Tia: Wts, selfie-ing again.

Photo 2:
Amanda: Screw it, we survived. I am god.

&We''ll never be royals. It don't run in our blood. That kinda luxe just ain't for us.
Here's the full 1min from my instavid.
There were basically a lot of hiccups in the harmony and.... yea k enjoy.


Thanks for being such an awesome roomie Tia <3 <3 More holidays together soon wahaha.

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