Crits/ADM End of Sem show'13

Haaavveeee you met Christina? aka WongStudio, aka the girl who showers me with so much love. She buys me chocolate in times of overbearing need *easily pleased*. I look forward to seeing her and the rest of the linglong gang every Sat <3 
Anyway, here's a few photos of what you missed if you're living in a hole & conveniently missed the ADM End of Sem show. Not many cuz I forgotzx to bring my cam to hall but don't you just love how vibrant the atmosphere is? Ahh, can't stop but feel excited to show you photos. Go go go.

First two photos: Work done by Viscomm seniors. I'm guessing this would be Typography III. They get to create their own typefaces. I'm so strange really -> "Sometimes I get emotional over fonts"- Kanye West.
Third: Indesign postcard. So surprised they got into the show but ok whatever TypographyI is over good riddance. 

Top left: I'm really very proud of Vivi for her photos. Who would have come up with such a cool concept. She photographed random strangers and composed them in such a way that they don't look awkward at all! <3

The Viscomm final assignment was to design a brochure an exhibition. The never-ending card is officially the most confusing fold I've ever done. Doesn't take a lot to confuse me, but still, I took aeons to figure this out. So glad it's finally over.
LOL & I FOUND THIS IN THE SHOW- Feng Ling's brochure. Can't stop laughing. Sorry, I should've taken a photo of the front so annoyed with myself how could I have forgotten. But yea, she did such a good job with her craft. Something I beat myself up everyday for being totally sucky at.
Ok, BACK TO STUDYING. 1 more week till end of exams~ Au revior!

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