Come. I show you my havaianas.

"You OOTD for me, I OOTD for you and we'll live one day at a time." I think I've once mentioned how Sam & I function. It's times like these when school gets dreary, everyone's probably at home mugging, & we question ourselves why we're still coming to school. I guarantee you- we look absolutely ridiculous taking our OOTDs at the round about just in front of ADM's entrance. We also do take utmost pleasure in shooting them just as the lunch-time crowd makes their way out to various canteens. I do very well hope you sensed my sarcasm. We only do this because we end our lessons at 12pm. But I guess that's the very joy, laughter & utter humiliation that gets us through our very pathetic days of chionging 3 submissions and 2 tests per week. Damn you uni. Kk ttyl, French Oral tomorrow (Mark & I concluded that there's no possible way to say this and not make it sound totally wrong). Au revior, à bientôt!

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