Gingifreakingvitis ok

Last sem's hell weeks induced me with major Tension Headaches. This sem, I've contracted Gingivitis. 
//Yes, the rant has to go on my blog too//
//I'm sorry to all who've already heard this a million times// 
Woke up mon morning, & I swear, I was running a temperature. My gums felt like they were falling off. I liken the pain to wearing braces. Yeap, the Doc totally brushed me off with trivial Gingivitis. And I felt this immense cloud of lameness over me. I would even go to the extent of inserting those faces you see in mangas (i.e -> 0.0|||) but, (a) I'm not a fan, (b) Idk what keywords to google image. Have been lamenting to everyone, which is ironic, considering it hurts when I open my mouth. 
Why I feel totally & absurdly daft? Gingivitis suggests that I don't brush my teeth. Or. it could also be caused by excessive stress and lack of sleep/water/nutrients. I choose the latter. If twice a day isn't enough idk what is ok pissed off & insulted. I got a blasting from Daryl for not sleeping more than 4 hours a day last week. My parents would probably want to lecture me on that too. In my defense, I was battling insomnia because Campus Security decides to raid random hall rooms at either 2/3/6/7am. 
Kids. What I'm trying to say is, if you want to end up with your entire left gum red, swollen, paralyzed in pain, with constant on-off fevers, do what I did. While you're at that, I'll just be here, waiting for what other outrages illnesses by body decides to fall into next sem.

Gotta catch'em all, y'know.
Peace Out.

//End of Rant// 
Hi Vivi, thanks for a million for this photo. Hahaha I was tryna search for an apt. picture for the post & if not for this, you'll see a totes hipster photo of my feet that haz no link, whatsoever. Hmm well ok, at least you can see my teeth in this one :Dv. Thanks for being such a great photographer. Love you.