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Do forgive my terribly Chinese eyes and heavily blemished skin, as you turn  to notice some really grey eyes, by Phantasee.

I was super excited when these babies arrived.

Colour contacts were first introduced 4 years ago- I still remember my eyes failing miserably on me the first time I tried them in secondary school. There was this rim of fog, like I was using some instagram blur tool whenever I rolled my eyes slightly sidewards. Long story short, you actually have to check the rim size of the contacts to your own eyeball (mm), so it fits snug around the curvature. Did not know that.
I got these Phantasee Natural Grey from GlassesOnline.sg. Wanted the subtle look. GlassesOnline.sg provides a vast range of contact lenses- from coloured, to powerless, to toric, to multifocal. They also have sunglasses and prescription glasses. They have over 150 brands and 5,000 over styles to choose from. Especially since these are kinds of products that, when purchased, have to be perfect in fit/size/degree power, I think one of the best things they offer is their Free returns policy (30 days). ALSO, FREE SHIPPING -  yay, finally something other than ASOS.