Summer Looks 2013

Decided that I wanted to answer an anon question ASK.FM here. So... Hi Anon, I know I've already answered your question to what my favourite thing to wear this summer is, but after I clicked reply, I realised I still had so much to add. So here's an entire post of it. Information overloaddd whoohoo. 


I love how convenience came dainty with the pleated skort. Somehow, this reminds me of a pompom girl's outfit. (Not sure if that's a good/bad thing atm) This skirt looking shorts can be paired with cropped tops or simple blouses, coupled with either sandals or a pair of nice heels.

- - - -


No, don't gimme that You're supposed to dress colourfully during Summer bullshit. With this hot weather, you need to reflect as much light away from your body (LOL, such rubbish). I will stand by my monochromes (w/the occassional lil splash of colour). White & Loose Camisoles are my ultimate love. They've got this natural flow that accentuates your curves. Great for hot days. Those from Free People & A&F are simply gorgeous. Pair them with a  bralet & denim shorts and you're ready to go.

(i) OR w/ white bottoms

Heard of Double Denim? Yea, denim tops are too warm for this season tbh. Try White on White  (You'll blend right into the Haze! omg kidding inside Singapore joke) with a brown belt and leather shoes/sandals. White goes really well with textured materials.

(ii) Semi Chiffon skirts

When that sunlight passes through those semi Chiffon skirts, you'll look like a goddess. 'Nuff said.

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It doesn't look like it's gonna rain anytime soon, so these babies will certainly last through the entire season. Matte black ones match with literally everything. Wear brown ones to pull off a more laid back look.

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