4D Final Project

Transparencies and acrylic are my favored mediums this sem. It is finished, the last class for 4D (ever). For that simple reason, yes, Mr KhengLi, I forgive you for overunning class for 1.5hours. Again. Only in NTU ADM do you get teachers proposing toasts to you with sparkling juice. Really a breath of fresh air.
My light installation is based on the 6.9 White Paper/Protest. If you've yet to know it, educate yourself here. The government aims for Singapore's population to hit 6.9 million by 2030. With the influx of foreign talent, may as well be a "melting pot of Asian culture". This raised a lot of issues on landspace, immigration and dilution of national identity.  
New York, the Big Apple w/ NY cheesecake. Bali is a beach paradise. Bankok, a shopping haven. Okay, so Singapore's identity isn't half as established, but you have to give it to us- what we have a wicked sense of sadistic humor. In which other country will you get Stomped for sitting in the MRT reserved seat, or a Miss World winner who's ridiculed for saying Boomz&Shingz? Seems our sunny island inevitably collaborates and gangs up against ourselves. There's your true blue National Identity/pride. Intangible, but still there. So, my installation aims to capture the essence of Singapore's one and only, Singlish. It plays with lights and shadows using iPhone torches.
One person I have to thank whole heartedly is Daddy who came down to ADM to help me set up. I'm quite sure God left out some handy-DIY skills when creating me because I can not, for the life of me, do anything related to 3D. I had a sheet of cardboard, penknife and duct tape. Dad settled the rest. His insane amount of contractor experience blew me away. Hats off to all the wonderful daddys in the world. 2 of my other classmates had their dads come help them too.
Few more weeks till school's out! and then it's time foh shoppin' in BKK. TTYL GUYS. 

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