SBS day

edit: In the likes of very terrible photo quality lighting, you might have realised that I've swopped our previous adiasam&amandainaband photo to some other retarded shots. 
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Have I told you lately that I... love the three gals. and yes, we're still called Adia, Sam and Amanda in a band - or however order you want to place it. The School of Biological Science(SBS) people, however, call us the ADMers. Was blessed with another gig for their SBS day. Sang songs like A-Team (hence the lyrics on hand- I swear, those lyrics are a killer, but sshh), Can't Help Falling in Love, Pumped Up Kicks and many others. We were fairly unprepared because it was literally crunch time for all of us... but Sam and Adia did a splendid job scatting and doing their amazing runs. Till next time~ 

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