You're not an ADMer until you have a photo on the rooftop

The only reason why we look forward to school is because of retarded OOTD sessions. When we do finally manage to survive the school day, we stun awkwardly infront of the camera. Here's how it'll usually go: Sam takes camera from me, I awfully smile for camera. Sam stands infront of camera and poses like a natural. Her dressing never fails to stun me (pastel green sleeved blouse + Louvisa collar bejewelled necklace). As I quote her, I should reunite with the piles of books and my geek specs in the library (Massimo Striped Shirt + Shirtless Polo Dress). Oh well, hope you don't get bored of our faces just yet. Our motivation is still very much needed here. &btw, good luck for those applying for unis:) never give up hope! whootwhoot

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Greta said...

Oh you're both so so pretty! Love your outfits <3

Greta xoxo