Teddy Bear Day

Would you like a bear hug?

I think one of the most fantastic things about my life is Adelia lim. You haven't had good senseless fun until you find yourself laughing at absolutely nothing relevantly tangible. And, bitch please, no one will ever quite understand the true meaning of "an official OOTD, let's head to the attic now, bring the camera" like your one and only. teehee. love you sissy.
Anyway, Readers, meet Cuddles. Cuddles, meet Readers (Cuddles is Adelia's stuff toy bear that she's obsessed with). Named my new look after him because... ohmygawd just look at those bow-legged legs and cheeky smile. So cute can.


Nicoleta_B said...

Very sweet, my dear.

I'd like to invite you on www.STARPIQ.com where you can post your awesome looks.



Amanda L. said...

thank you! ooh the site looks cool :)

Adelia said...

luvva u sistaaaa muax muax luv luv <3 <3

Amanda L. said...