Hi. So this a post dedicated to my awesome roomie. Been meaning to post these pics but, unfortunately, I didn't bring them to hall over the week. Havveeeee you met Jocelyn? It's probably her debut on listography9. Idk why it hasn't struck me to introduce her to you guys. She's the sweetest room mate eva.


ziel said...

Can you do me a favour, May you do a DIY project(friendship gift) and give a step-by-step instructions. A card or something simple but yet it priceless. My best-friend who label me as a 'shopaholic' is going oversea to study, I think a DIY gift would be the best gift for him but i don't have any idea. Prolly you could help me, Thank you.

Amanda L. said...


Ahhh... that sucks, when your best friend has to go abroad :( Totally know how it feels. Anyway, I'm so sorry but I'm having my crunch time now in school so I don't have time to do a proper post for you.... I really wish I could though! Hope this helps though:

I've found some DIY options here on Pinterest for you:
They range from Friendship bracelets, to drawn-on mugs, to cards, bags, personalized soap.. The list goes on forever so I don't think you'll be short of ideas, especially since they've got awesome photos to accompany it. Or how about a scrapbook? You can put both your photos in it :) It's usually a very popular option (see this link)! But i'm sure you already know that:

Usually, if it's something DIY, they'll have the Youtube tutorials online! So google will be your best friend :) Good luck with your present!!

If I had 1 piece of advice to give you, I'd say; Always stick to Brown Craft paper that you can get from Ikea/Art friend when doing DIY stuff. It makes it easier to match colours :)

ziel said...

I would like to say thank you for all the suggestion and links you gave me. After all, I decided to make a laptop case! Since it doesnt require me to draw or paint cause im really really nt good in art. Here where the idea came from, . Hope it turn out good. Thank you once again. :D

Amanda L. said...

Aw that's so sweet :) It looks pretty.
And since you say you're a shopaholic: is having free shipping ^^ AHHHH. ok. just had to say that. anway. No biggy. LOL. See ya around