"The sun goes down the stars come out"

You know you got yourself into deep cheesy shit when you clicked on a post published on New Year's (1.1.2013). There's not a single blogger that hasn't ladden their 1st of Jan post with the cliche 2013, please be good to me, so I shall spare you the expected and move on.  
As far as today went, strolling down nightfalling ECP was my fav. It wouldn't take much to top anything I did today, but this was especially... special (pardon my kick-ass vocab). You could see the distinct break in the far distance between our sunny & rainy island. Almost makes you feel so small and out of control of your surrounding. It's not something you see everyday ok. Thus, Henceforth, wait for it, Concluding my point, Therefore, I'm getting there; I'm resolute to screw the clichesbecause today reminded me that it's the little things that bring you pleasure in life. Leisure time, twilight, or even rain from afar. And that shall be what I look forward to for the next 365 days.
Ah-ha! Ok, Happy New Year everyone. & hope this year TREATS YOU WELL. Waha. Love Love.


Faith said...

Your photos are so pretty, as always ^_^

Amanda L. said...

aw thank you faith <3 yours too please!!!