Give me love #edsheeren

Girly photos in pale faded pastels & light leaks, have overspilled from listography.blogspot to my instagram. Currently, my usual subject matters don't vary a lot- ordinary objects over white wash backgrounds, for the simple reason that it brings focus to all its micro details, e.g texture colour and space. I see Tumblr's evolved to a commercialized phone app? Along goes with the stereotypes of brainless-and-only-pretty-vintage photos on the feed.
As like any other, first week of school was a complete nuisance, accompanied with attempts to be sociable, less than perfect netball matches and accidental Marilyn Monroe incidents. I have leaders challenging me to question my existence and purpose for being in NTU. Perhaps mundane object photography is just what I need to hide behind a lot of pressing issues yet faced. Nevertheless, no fret. Things will get better. 
Note to self: Tomorrow's a new day week.

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