Identity Postcards [iii]

Finally, we have it.
Escape - a set of 17 underwater photography and illustrated postcards

We're all doing foundation year now in ADM. Our task for this 2d assignment was to create a min. of 10 postcards that most represent our identity. Right now, in year 1, we get  try out every single aspect of design. We then subsequently move on to choose our majors in Year2. Out of the 5 choices; Product Design, Interactive Media, Photog, Film and Visual Communications, I'm most interested in the last. Really banking on my 2d to help me out. It's really competitive to get into Visual Comm because there're only 40 slots. 40 slots that entitle you to a place in maybe Central Saint Martins or Maryland or RISD for a probable Masters program. Honestly can't imagine me doing anything else. I love typo, advertising and publications arghhh imagine me in Product Design. I'll be a total mess. Crossing my fingers everything works out well. Yeah. it shall.

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