Fine duckies, Saveur

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Marvelous dinner @ Saveur, Purvis Street
with Joan & Xin Rui

Totally enjoyed the evening with the girls :)))))))))) We planned to have a sleepover 2 years ago but that failed miserably. Joan's such a beautifulsweetheart. Awesome soccer player & church vocalist :) She suggested to have dinner at Saveur. This gal knows every inch of town- SMU kid. LOL. Missing Xinrui's quizzical/puzzled face too. She thought the duck logo was a penguin because of its little bow tie. Impossible.No qualms, I love this place. The minimalist decorations cladded over white walls are somehow very appealing. They serve rather experimental french dishes, like Crispy Pork with poached egg and even Foie Gras (with something else), for affordable prices. The mashed potatoes were sooo good btw, please try ($2 only!). The food was about an hour late because they forgot our order, but they compensated us with a nice dish of complimentary pate along side bread. JOANNN&XINNNRUIIIIII <3 <3

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