Commissioning Ball

Signals 85/11 Comms Ball @ The Fullerton Hotel


Above photos by Mark Tan

After much probing on what a Comms ball is, I think I get a slight gist of the whole thingyum. It's when officer cadets get to finally celebrate their graduation from OCS. According to Shamus, it's very important for the guys to get dates for the event......... so long story short, I was the epic no.1 back up plan for Lawrence.
The ballroom was smaller than expected, but still comfortably housing at least 100 guests. I'm not complaining. The posh and expensive ambiance wore me out within the hour. Travelling elegantly around cocktail tables while socialising isn't as simple as it looks. Ladies & men dressed to impress. Some with bow ties & many in killer platform heels. I felt slightly offended that the table tag addressed me as "Lawrence's Date". Hello, I'm Amanda Lim, pleasure to meet you *handshake* *smiles sweetly* *repeats about 100 times to everyone present for dinner*.
There were segments of band performances, games & lucky draws over dinner. Elfie & I just let the guys do the participating. It's very cumbersome, maneuvering around in gowns & heels. Really. I kid you not. Sometimes I envy guys and their suits.  
The evening flowed on perfectly. You can really see how close these guy have gotten over their 9 months. It'll be so sad for them to part ways now.

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