&I wanna live, not just survive

All the ballons, they flew away.

Had a fantastic shoot with Nette @ ECP today. She likes to call it the Enchanted forest. I must say, the lighting there lived up to its name. Many thanks to Eugene & Nette's mum for giving us rides there because the place is almost inaccessible. 
Originally, we wanted to get our balloons from Parkway but who knew that Kiddy Palace on the 3rd floor wouldn't be open at 1030am in the morning on a weekday. Silly us. Ended up heading all the way down to a party store in Bugis/Arab. Hellium balloons are sold there for $1.50. PS:// Parkway is cheaper -.-
It was around 12pm when we finally reached our destination, after lunch @ the new ECPMacs. You can see the noon sun right above. So glad we've finally accomplished our balloon shoot that was originally suggested last year! LOL. Excited for next week.
Dear mum & dad: This is the reason I bum around. I like to believe it's legit. (Y) 

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