wheatrainbows, Joie Tan.
You'll be awestruck.

Went to Fort Canning with this lovely girl. She's got the best clothes. Amazing, the number of changes (outfits) she was able to stuff into her haversack. So there we were, occupying space and grooming ze model in the toilet. Sometimes, I can't believe this girl's only 17. She'll be playing at the Esplanade soon, so remember to scream and wave like a frantic fangirl if you get a chance to watch her & ahemClementahem. teehee. 
Love you too Joie. Good luck! I'll be rooting for you.


siti shyuhaila said...

Awesome pics taken! cant wait to see her performance at Esplanade....

Amanda L. said...

Thanks dear :) Yess. She's gonna be so awesome. *excited*