Linette & all her awesomeness

All shots from NetterzThis is us, breaking my (not so) strict GongCha diet & meeting Mr Penguinz. Stopped by the TP Graduation Design Show 2012@Vivo after a grads outing. It was one of the best showcases I've ever seen. Was so impressed by the Visual Comm students, especially the Illustration majors. Nette did a splendid job with her booth, despite her humble denial. Shame on y'all for not going down!!

Can't wait for our tutu dresses to arrive from Taobao Spree (II). It's taking 10million years to ship over. But no fret; we're gonna have a blast shooting. Hopefully real soon~ 

PS:// This post has been scheduled. While you're reading this, I'm still in camp (probably) dying from hiking up massive waterfalls and being drained from by blood sucking leeches. Nice knowing you.


SH said...

wow, your photos are amazing! i am impressed

Amanda L. said...

Haha! these were taken off my friend's blog. But thank you, I'll relate that to her :)