I've never really curled up to read a book in the living room, like I've seen in too many movies. So when the situation presents itself on a stormy, dark afternoon, I decided to read the Hunger Games on the iPad. Sat there, shifting positions every half hour with my geek glasses, under sheets, diligently scrolling through pages of the pdf Nette sent me. 

I thought the translation from book to screen was quite superb. They did leave out certain key parts in the movie and changed the storyline a bit, but there're some stuff you just can't portray as well, visually as when you place it in words. Really disappointed with the character development of Haymitch and Cinna though. They seem like they have so much more to say.
This book depicts slices of reality. It doesn't put your head high in the clouds to dream, like Disney. It speaks so much truth about this ugly world. Hunger to always stay in power, instilling fear to show dominance. Makes me think about life in general.  
It's not fair. Almost immediately responding to that thought, I hear this voice at the back of my head saying "Let's not talk about fair, ok?" Sends shudders through me. That line's stuck with me for quite awhile. I don't question the laws of justice after that.

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