Far Far Away

Screamed like a little girl the whole way through.
If you thought that was bad, you should see me in Disneyland.

Felix and Dy

Dy's super cool shades

They had these really cool balloons. Shiny, pastel stars. Omg I wantz

Serene! Da birthday galz

Snacks there are ex to the max. Hot dogs are $5 :| Winona says they're not even that great.


Winona & Serene

It was raining. Ponjos. Too coool.

Face painter.

New Transformers ride. (Y)

Winona's shoes. Look at'em, the shoelaces!

Cyclon/Human. Best.

Crazy accelerator teacup turning things.

Real good pumpkin soup

Ginormous peperoni pizza for lunch <3 <3

Doo Wop. They sang Mr Postman. You won't be able to help yourself from singing and clapping and dancing along.
Pathetic attempt @ Noel's fisheye lens to take Farfaraway castle.

These are our baby dinosaurs that went round and round.

'Dy documented me buying Gingy.

it's not fluffy. but i love his gumdrop buttons. lolololol.

4D shrek show.
I thought the one at Disneyland was much better.

We just had to take a pic with this dude.
So dao. Yea man.

Ahhhhhhh sooo cuteeeeee these guyssssssssldkfa;sd
*fan girl*

The day ended :(

Had some reallyreallyreallyx1823712 good dinner at Chilli's.
Beats all those BillyBombers/FakeAmericanDiners hands down.

We got free passes to Universal Studios on Monday from m:idea. It was like a mini excursion for 20 of us. It's the most fun we've ever had together since ... idk when. The weather wasn't fantastic with the rain going on and off the whole day, but we got a good 5 min wait for every ride out of it, so I'm not complaining. Cyclon= the best rollercoaster there is #justsayin. Entering the castle of FarfarAway was too much of a magical experience for me. I WANT TO LIVE THERE FOREVER. Bumped into 3 diff groups of people: Nathaniel, Angela and Lennon. Seems like everyone's in USS on the first day of the holidays! LOL why wouldn't they. It's a wonderland. Can't believe the day ended so quickly. It's back to doing projects again.


Noel Sebastian said...

Cylon yo. LOL.

Amanda L. said...

Okay, fine no. BABY DINOSAUR.