Takin' a break.
Miss netball to bits. Miss doing sports (period).
Took out the ball and started running around.
 I found out I run like a freaking niang. 
Shit luh, no wonder Coach calls me a Wife on court. Pfft.

Dad so happened to be testing out his new macro flash so we got pics of us smashing cars with our miscatches and running up and down the street like lunatics.

This is our street.

This is an epic miss catch.
I'd make a gif out of it but it's really embarrasing. lololol.

She is damn cool.

I mean, just look at her. Shooter siol, don't mess. Whoohoo.

In need of PT.
Thank God we're planning to go for some hiking/camping trip to Marvin's dad's camp in Malaysia after IBP. SO EXCITINGGGGGG.

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