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High Tea @ 10Scotts for mum's Birthday Part 1
Mum & Dad~

Dad & Mum~

This pretty lady was our server for the day. She's from korea, on her internship here. so cool?!


freakin' cool 2 tier trays they prepared for us.

We were pigs. I swear.

&Naturally, I'd go for the fruit cup.
I meant to look badass in this photo. I really did.

Well. Went to Hyatt for Mum's birthday Hightea. Lol. Idk why we had a hightea this year. Usually we'd go for a dinner, but hightea was so filling, we didn't even have dinner. It's becoming a routine for us now; not having dinner on the weekends. that's bad, skipping meals. 10Scotts's like a nice reading room to chill out. I don't understand why people'll pay 78 to just go there to read, but it's a really nice place (Iguess) with really good service. When Adelia & I got full, we embarked on an espionage to Far East Plaza to sneakily shop for shoes (& to aid stomach digestion)- only to come back for more salted caramel icecream+brownies***love. best.

Gosh. Love my family. Frakin' loony people.
PS:// sorry for the terrible pictures. Lol. digicams. ugh.

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