NewJournal~ Sister decided to embellish it with one of stickers from her favourite collection. LOVE <3
Freaking auto-tuned to the max, crazy cheesy video, but so catchy.

Stuck at home again. Argh.
Imma learn to put all my pictures in a CutTag now (which also means that clicky thingy below that says "read more" Lol, read more. Could you be more creative, Blogger? Read more. Pfft.

Hate being sick. I actually would really rather go to work. Left lappie in the office so I'm working with my old mac.
Rolling around in my swivel chair looking for small objects to shoot.
 Using 1.4/prime + extendable macro C-AF Uniplus tube. Strange name.

Ok. If you'd excuse me, Imma go eat my porridge now. Argh.
Yuck. Porridge. I'm sorry, I'm mainly bitchy and whiny when I'm sick.
& my body clearly doesn't the meaning of, "You're not allowed to eat unhealthy food when you're down." Craving for B&J's strawberry cheese cake, because I can, only to find that Mum's already finished the entire tub. So Camomile Vanilla & honey tea shall settle for now. Tsk.


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