I know I'm a tad bit slow, but I'm absolutely in love with the Dior J'Adore campaign that came out in Sept 2011.
The model-slash-spokesperson, Charlize Theron is so gorgeous. All I can do is really to gawk and wish I had half her looks. Just look at that gold sequin beaded dress, trailing across the runway. If ever I owned a gown like that, oh, I'd love if forever, till death do us part. What's completely remarkable about this is this lovely quote by Theron:

"I really believe that women are contradictory, we possess a duality - perpetually hovering back and forth from refined and angelic to bold and sensuous. I think that this is what makes women really powerful, their ability to accept their contradictions. The J'adore woman is like that: she has grace and elegance but also has a fire to her; she's strong while verging on vulnerable, and she's powerful and sensual."
I'm a sucker for ads like that.

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