Far far away.

Thanks Dy', for the font StrangeLove. So pretty.

I'd love to tell you that everything's been sparkly&happy but Life's being an A class Bitch. Lol, what's new.
I've given up. Can't wait to get outta this country and start afresh.
Parents been bugging me to collate Uni information since forever, but I've always been putting it off because it was never the right time. Right now, researching on overseas universities that offer BA in Communication Design/Design Management, since AC told me that by the looks of my current GPA, I won't get NTU ADM. So far, Monash, RISD, Pratt & University of Arts London (Central Saint Martins) sound promising. (lol, but I don't even know if I've got the will power to continue designing) The further away, the better. Get me away from here. Please.

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