Christmas Collection

Had to rush a few Christmas Cards this year for our Office party on the 23rd.
Production shots. Should I call it that?

I'll post Shanghai pics after I'm done editing them.
Prob gonna do a vid too (lol. I hope)
But in the meantime, enjoy~

I'm honest to God quite hopeless when it comes to present-
&wrapping presents for that matter.
Was so busy during that last 2-3 weeks before Christmas 
that I only had time to rush down to Parkway's Scrapalicious to get art supplies.
They were having a 30% storewide sales, so I was quite the ecstatic bunny.

Got a few sheets of stock paper and cork stickers.
It wows me that you can do so much with just these few things at hand.

Fail Secret Santa gift wrapping for Jia Yi.

Inlets from Spotlight I bought previously. Phew, still had a few left.
Monstrosity of a mess I created at 12am in the morn.
Was hammering the inlets in when granny was sleeping downstairs.
Boy, was she pissed.
Ahh, I'm sorry for the racket. It's the only time I'm home :(
Tatt Mandy drew for me.
"Life is in a cloudy haze of hues"
Love the quote now only because of the word hues, but it's so apt for me right now.
Embossing glitter powder.
Crazy, how I've got shit like that stashed at home.

Misliana's card.
Self explanatory.

Went with Sam to catch New Year's Eve that night & get Brown Brother's Moscato from BedokNTUC(LOL Which is btw open 24/7) for the Office Party. Hence, the 12am home arrival. Such a typical sappy cheesy movie to go gaga over Zac Efron heehee. So cute. Very feel good~ Sam got me a beautiful mangle bracelet thingum from Quintessential by Carrie K., a local designer. I love how the charm is a crown. Reminds me of Juicy Couture. & yay for purple!! It comes in a lovely velvet poach with the words Carrie K. sewn on with silver thread. So. Pretty.

Shall be taking pics of my other presents soon :)

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