The Lantern

The Lantern- Menu

Food @ the table
Calamari sticks. $$ :(
Love their chandeliers

Awesome Choc Fondant cake they gave us

Mum & Dad

Spectacular view!!!!


decided to take shots in the toilet because it was a b-e-u-tiful place to be. LOL.

We cam whored.

Went downstairs to give our parents some time alone

Lol. Yeah.

Anywayz. We went to the Lantern @ Fullerton Hotel for a nice dinner to celebrate Mum & Dad's anniversary. It's a beautiful place really. It overlooks the whole MBS. Simply breathtaking. It's too bad I'll never go back there again because the food prices are insanely expensive for the quality of food they serve. 8 uncooked Satay sticks for $20? Really? It's more of a chill-out bar rather than an eating place though. You pay for the view. They were so sweet to give Mum & Dad a complimentary cake, which was so so good btw. So proud of my parents for being together for so long~~

Final verdict: Absolutely love Fullerton. Not so crazy about the Lantern though.

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