The night of nights.

Ben, Ashpenn and Jod


Maybank sponsored our tickets to Halloween Horrors @ USS so we entered FOC. Very nice. Very packed. It was so crowded, we could only sit 1 ride (which oddly, wasn't a halloween special). It  was an hour long queue for a (literally) 1 minute ride- Cyclon. We were counting the seconds as the people on the ride took their departure. Although, I must say that Universal Studios did a spectacular job with the renovation of the sets. Was listening to Radioheatwave ( the other day - only because Ron plays it in the office LOL, nah they're not that bad- and one of the DJs was explaining how this multi-million production cost over $42mil (?) Definitely worth every cent.

Can't really rate the scare-factor on a scale for this one because... well, we didn't really visit a lot of attractions, but by the looks of how the ScareActors performed, I'd say 8/10. Some evil mad scientist-doctor jumped up infront of Mandy & me when we were walking through the midst. Totally spooktastic. *screammmmmm*

Halloween was lovely.

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