Attention: To Whom it May Concern

Things I really don't appreciate:
1- Condensation of my cold beverage cup
2- Oily fingers
3- People spitting on the floor
4- Public transport during rush hour
5- Gossip.

Okay. Guys.
I know I don't rant enough about my personal life, but that's only because I don't see a point in making this completely happy place my mope ground. That being said. Let me make this Crystal.  
Bryan and I, are, and have been no more, for months. Whatever misunderstood remnants were probably just momentary deluded sadness stemming from a deluded past. Those, I'm still working on forgetting, but like I said, they're trivial in my current aspired future. Harsh, very. I'm sorry. 
I don't appreciate the constant speculation because, to simply put, I really strive to live a fuss-free, drama-free, haters-free life. Having 2nd hand, 3rd hand or even 4th handed comments going around really pisses me off. So peeved, you have no idea. Don't Gossip. It's not good for you. I wanted out of this melodramatic childish mess long ago. I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough to put a complete road block but I'm quite clear of what I want now. So please pardon me on my journey of forgiving&forgetting the various people that whom shall not be listed, as I express my momentary lapses from time to time through bible verses that speak to me. I don't direct this to any particular person but this public service announcement is for anyone who omg can't seem to stop. Enough ah. My life, time and, most importantly, GPA, are all at stake.
Lastly, word of advice? Let this whole thing slide. It's not worth your time. Everybody makes mistakes. You'll one way or another deja vu on it a few years from now anw. Mind you, this is university. Not secondary school or JC, kids. Study hard, mugstrong. It does your future more good than HomeButton+LockScreen. I feel so childish entertaining this when I could've been studying Art History. Good job, I just ruined my blog with a completely wordy post, with no photos, and blatant ranting. It's so fugly now.

PS:// Thank you, Sammie. Love you. 

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