Bangkok 2013


Took an early 6am flight with Bry to Bangkok to meet Annabel and Ian. Had the usual awesome Eggs Benedict from Coffee Bean for breakfast ^^ Boy was I delighted.

 1. Hotel
We stayed at the Period Pratunam,  a lovely boutique hotel. Annabel found it online. It's relatively affordable - $150/rm for 3 nights, with early check in late + check out, including breakfast everyday. Especially loved how cozy and new the place was. They probably only have 18 rooms so you can be sure that if you call for help @ the reception, you'll get it immediately. Didn't take pictures of the room because literally, what's on the website is exactly what you get. The street it's on is lined with massage parlors but none of them were fantastic. The hotel's in the heart of the BKK shopping district, so places like Platinum Mall, Pratunam Market, Central World, are just a walk away. Siam Square/Paragon is about a 50baht meter taxi ride away during off peak (*just so you don't get cheated). 

2. Cabs
  • We've had our fair share of angsty cab drivers. Always try to ask for meter because chances are that your cab fair will only hit max. 60baht.
  • Most shopping centres have a taxi stand so go to those, or you'll find an angry traffic martial chasing you to them.
  • No matter how dangerous tuk tuks are, please take them at least once in your life. You need to feel that gushing feeling of impending doom as you travel against traffic uphill. 
Bryan's carrying my emotional baggage.
Glassy fresh prawns

3. Nails
The famous nails of MBK. Well, lemme tell you. They moved. 5 years ago, they used to be on the 4th level for 100baht (with designs). This round, Annabel and I took an hour to find the place they shifted to. They moved to the building opposite MBK, which is connected by a bridge with a travelator. You have to walk up a flight of stairs outside MBK. We were sooo super happy when we found the place. Classic manis are 200-250baht. Mine was 300baht for just the designs.

Havaianas for 199baht. They actually do look real. Platinum mall.

So glad we went to BKK with Annabel and Ian!! They were fantastic travel buddies. Beautiful Annabel was the perfect shopping partner because we have similar dress styles. Wholesale shopping was 20 times easier. Look @ our handbags :)) See photo on right.

I just have to end this post with Bry and my disgusting couple t-shirt.
Wore it just to take a pic and piss everyone off.
Thanks for taking good care of me when I fell ill on the last day <3

Good day.