1+1 2+2 3+3

It's come to my realization that whenever Bryan and I don't agree on something, he'll confuse instead of convince me. Our conversation would go like this: 

Amanda: "Why can't you do your own laundry in hall, must bring home? Lazy leh."
Bryan: "Because a2 + b2 = c2" (Same answer EVERY.TIME.OK.) 
And it ticks me off because his answer has no coherent link whatsoever to the conversation we're having... But a2+b2 DOES indeed make c2. *Quizzical* So, this v.day, I decided to be a smarty pants and think of a rebut
a2+b2= amandaamanda bryanbryan
This boy makes me laugh. So adorable. Weird. But adorable.

Happy V.day guyz.
You're never foreveralone.

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