S.E.A Aquarium

I interrupt your picture viewing pleasure to present:
I shall call him squishy 
and he shall be mine. 
and he shall be my squishy. 
come here squishy.
come here little squishy.

Tryna swim with the fishies again.

Hungry Stone.

Sometimes I wonder if the sea creatures laugh at us because they have gills and we don't; but that's far out. Bry and I just had to visit the Sentosa's S.E.A RWS Aquarium the other day because it's (already) the last week of school holidays. Was genuinely disappointed there were no dolphins, octopuses, dugongs, manatees, turtles... or penguins. Sigh. They're probably not fully done with the exhibits yet. Idk whether to be slightly insulted or thankful that we got to pay senior citizen prices ($20). Coming from a touristy-Singaporean (the irony) point of view, however, the best part of the place, was the enormous viewing gallery with manta-rays and sharks. Total badass fishies swimming around. They deserve a #likeaboss hashtag, accompanied with a nod of approval. I could just sit there the whole day in marvel of that one particular magnified tank. That's until I started to feel bad for the watery-settlers who probably feel very claustrophobic in there.  

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