Night of nights

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Hall 13 D&D 2012


Photos by Cepheus, Fion & Kexin. D&D was held in Novotel on the weekend before my birthday lolz. Bryan & I represented our OG, CAMA. Have I told you how much I adore them? Yea, Love can only be classified as an understatement. They're the sweetest beings. They made it down even though tix sales cost $55 each. We even received a bouqeuet of flowers each. Then they sang Sam, Gary & I a birthday song in the Novotel room. So supportive even though we missed out 3 weeks of freshie life with them. omg i know im not making comprehendible sense now, but i love them so much and i can't be bothered to edit my grammar. 
The night ended with me collapsing to the floor in my superweird fluffy can-can dress, 3 inch heels flung aside and you could hear my repeated prominent screams, "IT'S OVAHHHHH." 3 tedious weeks of catwalk, dance and singing training finally came to an end. For all the terribly embarrassing runway poses, the agonizing beachwear segment, missing out OG gatherings, unglam fits of OCD spasms... we've been through so much together, I love these guys sososo much. Bryan, Tiara, Mark, Alan, Sarah, Linkai, Darren <3 Oh, & haveeee you met Bryan? He's the best partner ever. Super nice, always offering to carry my stuff and looking out for me *sho sweet*. I shan't go into further detail about his awesomeness, but I believe we make the best team ever. we are titaniummmmmm. Aye, Hall King leh!


Anonymous said...

share the video that you guys sang for the competition... :)

Amanda L. said...

i don't think anyone recorded :( but we sang that song above! my friends were saying the guitar was too loud anywayzz.